Over many decades, Trinity Lutheran Christian School students have flourished, largely because of the strong focus on academic excellence and an ongoing commitment to monitor and maintain the vitality of a challenging curriculum.  The school has adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  Using these nationwide standards helps to ensure that students receive a first-rate education and preparation for future success.

All teachers are certified in their teaching area by Oregon State Standards and Practices and regularly attend classes, workshops and on-site inservice sessions to enhance their teaching proficiency.

At the heart of Trinity’s curriculum is the belief that all academic pursuits, as all human endeavors, reach their highest meaning and purpose in the service of others to the glory of God.

Trinity Lutheran School Curriculum:

Religion:  Bible study, practical experiences in Christian living, Christian doctrine, confirmation instruction, and memory work

Language Arts:  Reading, spelling, handwriting, grammar, writing, listening, and speaking

Social Studies:  Geography, history, government, and current events

Mathematics:  General math, pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry

World Language:  Spanish

Science:  General, physical, earth, and life

Physical Education:  Developmentally appropriate physical activity, and healthy life health skills.

Music:  Music theory and appreciation, choirs, and band

Art:  Creative arts and appreciation

Computer:  Computer literacy and technology

Our Trinity Lutheran Christian School curriculum has been founded on the firm foundation of God’s Word; therefore, children attending our school, in all grade levels, receive a thorough course in religion because “The respect of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Psalm 111:10.

Religion is not simply a separate subject.  God’s Word influences, permeates and gives substance to all other subject areas taught.