Learn.  Lead By Example.  Serve.

It’s the Trinity Lutheran School Way.


Educational Advantages of our Two-Grade Level Program

Trinity Lutheran School (TLS) students are given the opportunity to learn at their individual pace in the core subjects of math and language arts.  Students are first assessed in math and language arts with standardized assessments, for present and past performance.  Parental input and teacher recommendations are also part of the system.  Based on those assessments, students are placed in a language arts and math class that will provide optimal learning.

All math and language arts are taught at the same time in the morning allowing students to move to other classrooms for these two core subjects.  Some students will move up to a class outside their grade level classroom, most will stay at grade level and some will receive additional learning support that is built into our program.  All is done to provide the best education for our students and help build confidence through subject mastery.  We are proud to say that TLS students frequently exceed national and state scores on standardized tests and excel in their educational careers after TLS.

Outside of the morning language arts/math block, individual classroom schedules are independent of one another.  This gives each teacher the ability to fit in all subjects as well as scheduling students for library, music, art, physical education, and computer classes that may be taught by other faculty.

If your student can excel beyond their grade level at TLS we will encourage and guide them as high as they want to climb.

Academic Curriculum that Meets the Individual’s Needs

TLS’s top priority is personal success throughout our students’ lives.  This priority arises from the belief that each child is innately capable of learning, leading by example, and serving.  Excellence in these and other endeavors is at the core of TLS’s educational mission.

Individual success is a top priority at TLS and our classrooms are centered on the belief that each child is capable of doing three things:  learning, leading by example, and serving.

At TLS you will find challenging academics at each classroom level.