What a few of our recent graduates have to say about attending Trinity Lutheran School:

I attended Trinity Lutheran from kindergarten through the eighth grade. The teachers here have encouraged me through my journey of education, taught me how to become a hard-working student, and taught me the importance of being a good role model to others. I remember always being told to be quiet in the hallways, even in eighth grade, so that we wouldn’t disturb the other classrooms. We had rules in the classroom such as keeping our hands to ourselves, saying please and thank you, and trying your best. Having rules as to focus on has allowed all of us to improve our character. After all, our ultimate role model is Christ.

Moreover, having Christ as our primary focus provided a strong foundation in our faith. I learned a lot from the daily religion classes, and I’m glad I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a school where I could talk freely about God and learn more about His word.

The small class sizes allowed me to learn in a comfortable environment, and I was able to learn more things. If I was confused about something I could easily ask my teacher questions and have it explained to me without feeling that I was a burden. Small class sizes also allowed me to become very close with my peers. Our group experienced everything Trinity had to offer as a group and therefore they quickly became family and will continue to be.

It’s sad to be leaving this year, but I know I’ll do just fine because of the education I have received at Trinity.

Arianna Perez Wolfe – class of 2013

I can’t begin to explain what a wonder Trinity has been for me. This faith-structured school provides a good working environment and makes it easy to make friends. The small class sizes allow one-on-one guidance with the teacher and you are able to be familiar with everyone. You are definitely challenged here at Trinity. You will receive a more adequate education than a public school could ever provide. I wouldn’t be where I am, valedictorian of my class, if Trinity hadn’t prepared me to be a successful student.

Caleb Eads – class of 2013