An Extension of Your Home

Joy Central serves the entire family in a neighborhood environment. Imagine the smell of bread wafting through the air after children learn about yeast in the science center. Drawings of children’s families may line the hallway right alongside stick figure doodles created by the teachers. We celebrate special occasions at our family events and share meals together to build community, share ideas about parenting a child with ADD, or discuss their ideas on God and spirituality. This is a place where children, parents, and staff grow together, dream big, and feel a sense of belonging.

You’re busy… we can help
Exhausted by leaving your infant daughter with grandma, racing her older brother to kindergarten, driving to work, picking up the kids for lessons, and then making dinner? Enroll at Joy Central and watch your schedule simplify itself. Our programs serve every age at flexible times that work for your family. We offer childcare & preschool, transportation to local schools, music lessons, and even homework help for the older ones. The evening is now free to enjoy your family.