We are just one day away from our Twilight Tiger Run and the excitement is building!

We wanted to take a minute to reach out – to embrace you, as our community. We know that the fall time is busy and provides many challenges. We also know that we’ve been beating a drum – asking of your time and your cash and you might be weary of these requests. So we take a pause this afternoon to remind you of why we ask for your help.

We ask because one thing we can all agree on, is that we want our child’s school to be an amazing place and experience for them. We ask because we’ve seen children blossom when parents are activated in their child’s education beyond helping with homework. We ask because you are incredibly valuable to our community.

You see, we all want the same thing – the best educational experience possible for our child! When you link arms with our efforts you are saying “Yes” to a common goal. Schools are a place of great need – no matter the school you choose – your help is needed. Our tuition payments simply don’t cover the full breadth of what it means to richly educate our children. Our children are the future of our world and when we choose to give of ourselves for the sake of enriching their educational experience, it gives us all hope.

Dear friends – choose to link arms with us! Today, tomorrow, and in the months to come. This may mean you give of your time by volunteering from home, at the school or at an event. It may mean you give from your finances or that you show up and have a say at a meeting so that our collective voice gets stronger from your participation in making decisions.

No matter how you link arms – choose to do it – because every set of arms makes a difference in our community!