The faculty has access to computers, iPads, document cameras, projectors, digital cameras, televisions, and DVD/VHS combinations in their classrooms.  Some also choose to use interactive white boards or tablets.  Software or Internet applications may be chosen by the teachers to enrich or supplement curriculum and to meet the technology expectations embedded in the Common Core Standards.  General computer use, keyboarding, word processing, presentation programs and Internet research strategies are introduced when age appropriate.

Trinity Lutheran School uses a web-based system, FastDirect, for communication between the school and families.  This includes special announcements about individual classroom or school events, newsletters, calendars, student progress reports and end-of-term grades.

Technology education changes as rapidly as the field itself.  TLS students will be introduced to these tools, their uses, and advantages in order to prepare them for future participation in a technological world.

Trinity Lutheran School (TLS) students have a variety of technology resources available to enhance learning.  A computer lab is used for whole group instruction, class projects, or research, as well as web-based testing.  Classrooms, as well as the library, have additional computer centers for student use.  Students in grades five through eight each have a personal Netbook to use while in school.

Students learn more than just how to use a computer. Students are made aware of and are expected to follow appropriate, safe, and responsible protocols for Internet use; both in and out of school. Students also learn how to be appropriate and responsible with the use of equipment.