Trinity Lutheran Christian School has a long history of nurturing the development of musical skills through a wide range of opportunities at all grade levels. Performing and musical creativity are a major part of the TLCS experience.

All classes have a Music Class in their schedule. In this class students study music history, learn the basics of reading and writing music notation and develop an understanding and appreciation of many styles of music from different times and cultures. Students also get a taste of professional musical talent with an annual visit from the Portland Opera and various field trips to top venues such as the Portland Symphony.

TLCS students participate in a Choir where the youngest students begin singing hymns and nursery rhymes in unison and progress to singing rounds and harmonies in advanced choral pieces, both sacred and secular, in the upper grades.  Individual student’s musical interest and talent is encouraged with solo and small group performances.  Concerts include; performance at the Grotto, Christmas at TLCS, the Lutheran Elementary School Tournament (L.E.S.T.), TLCS Evening and occasional performances at worship services. Upper grade students may also enter solos and small ensembles in the  L.E.S.T. and perform at their 8th grade promotion service.

Band is offered to students starting in fourth grade. Students march in Portland’s Junior Rose Parade every three years or as scheduled by the parade officials. Trinity’s Christmas program, TLCS evening and the 8th Grade promotion service are on their performance schedule. Upper grade instrumentalists may enter as soloists or small ensembles in the  L.E.S.T. and perform at their 8th grade promotion service.

Students have the opportunity to learn to play and perform with Hand Bells. In a group, they learn the basics of playing the bells and perform pieces that reflect the collective ability of their bell choir, varying from year to year. This group performs at a TLCS Christmas program, L.E.S.T., TLCS Evening and occasional performances at worship services.