The mission of the Library is to provide an environment conducive to learning, study, and research for students.

The volunteers and classroom teachers support students becoming curious, competent, independent, and informed scholars by developing their appreciation for literature, research, and a thoughtful, critical approach to books and electronic media.  To this end, volunteers and faculty seek to:

Foster a love of reading.

Provide convenient access to a variety of resources and tools.

Teach students the skills to gather, synthesize, and document reliable, accurate data.

Support curriculum through the book collection.

Celebrate cultural richness and diversity through book offerings.

The library is an important part of Trinity Lutheran School’s educational experience and is named in honor of beloved former teacher, Frances Teifel.

Students browse through books, engage in reading, pour over reference texts, carry out on-line research at one of three computer stations, or discuss homework assignments. The layout of this space is designed to encourage multi-purpose use. It is warm and brightly lit by a bank of windows across one whole wall, with tables and chairs for study, computer carrels, storytelling space and a circulation desk. Each class has regular weekly scheduled time in the library.