Trinity Lutheran Christian School (TLCS) believes formal sports programs compliment the overall educational philosophy of developing the intellectual, physical, and spiritual aspects of each student.

We have a long tradition of great athletic experiences for its students and competitive competitions.

All students are encouraged to participate in athletics and most become multi-sport athletes. Many TLCS students have developed amazing foundational skills on the court or on the field as a Trinity Tiger and it has helped transform them into exceptional high school athletes. The experience as a Tiger athlete builds confidence with lots of playing time and dedicated, seasoned coaches. This experience helps each student to continue to participate in various sports into adulthood, supporting lifelong physical fitness and wellness behaviors.

TLCS coaches and PE teachers build strong Trinity Tigers by stressing the big four:

  • Competence through skill development, learning the rules of the sports, strategic thinking, balancing athletics with academics, and fitness;
  • Character by developing responsibility, accountability, dedication, a sense of fair play, trustworthiness and leadership;
  • Civility reflected in respectful behavior, fairness, caring for team members, and competitors;
  • Citizenship as a member of a team, loyalty, and commitment.

There were so many opportunities at Trinity. I am now a varsity basketball player and in varsity track & field at my high school. I would have never discovered my true potential if it hadn’t been for the sports at Trinity Lutheran. When I was attending middle school there, I participated in volleyball, soccer, dance and basketball. Playing four sports was a great experience and a rare opportunity at any school.
– Rachel