Trinity Lutheran

Empowered by Christ’s love, Trinity Students engage in academic rigor to be life-long learners and serve others.

At Trinity Lutheran Christian School, education is more than just an academic endeavor, it is also the development of the whole child—spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically—whether at school, home, or in the community. TLCS’s staff work as a team, and together with the student’s family, are dedicated to equipping each child with the necessary skills to succeed by using the talents God has given them.

TLCS exists to develop students who live for Christ, achieve academic excellence, and express God’s love in service to others.

The family’s role in a student’s success.

TLCS recognizes that parents are a child’s primary educators and, together with a caring staff, create a team that helps to nurture students’ relationship with Christ as well as develop the love of learning that is essential to achieve academic success.

TLCS offers families ongoing opportunity to communicate about their child’s progress, capabilities, and areas for improvement with scheduled parent-teacher conferences as well as other other visits as the need or desire occurs.  In addition, parents may check out ParentsWeb to monitor the progress of their own child.

Diversity statement: Character, Leadership, Faith, and Courage.

Trinity Lutheran Christian School is committed to creating an environment of equity and inclusion. We welcome a student body that reflects diversity of ancestry, identity, family, culture, socio-economic circumstances and beliefs.

Inside the classroom and during extracurricular activities, students are taught to respect and value their own cultural identity and the identity of others. Through this approach, Trinity Lutheran Christian School children become culturally competent and profound critical thinkers in valuing each other’s differences.