Trinity Lutheran Christian School (TLCS) is accredited by two agencies – the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools and the National Lutheran School Accreditation Association.


The AdvancED Standards for Quality mark an evolution in continuous improvement and accreditation. While leveraging accreditation as a powerful tool for driving effective practices in support of student learning, these research-based Standards also emphasize teaching and learning; share embedded common themes across Standards; and address students’ ability to successfully develop learning, thinking, and life skills as critical elements of student achievement.

AdvancED Standards for Quality: Purpose and Direction, Governance and Leadership, Teaching and Assessing for Learning, Resources and Support Systems, Using Results for Continuous Improvement

The Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) is now an accreditation division of AdvancED.


National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) is a process of self-evaluation followed by a visit of objective observers designed to help Lutheran schools improve the quality of their programs. The NLSA is a rigorous national accrediting process designed to evaluate schools based on their unique purpose as Lutheran schools. It helps schools evaluate not only the quality of the academics and programs, but also most importantly the spiritual dimension of the school.